Course Information


Registration Requirements

In order to reserve a spot in a particular session, register in  person or mail the completed Student Application Form and Driver Education Approval Form along with a required $100.00 non-refundable deposit, to our Algonquin Main Branch, 1223 South Main  Street, Algonquin, IL 60102 

Students must be at least fifteen (15) years old, or turn fifteen before  the end of the classroom session in which the student is enrolled.
All  students under age eighteen (18) must turn in documentation showing that they  are eligible to take a driver's education course. The basic requirement would be  providing proof of a high school report card with eight (8) passing grades  with-in the last two (2) semesters. Everyone will need to complete the Driver  Education Approval Form. The Driver Education Approval form must be signed by a  Jr.High or High School Administrator. Home-school students require a form signed  by their parents.

All required Forms available here

Course Fees

  • Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel  complete course fee is $375.
  • Student  accounts Paid-in-Full by the first day of class will receive a  $50  discount and pay the tuition fee of $325.
  • A $100 (non-refundable) deposit payment is required with registration. (not  to be combined with any other discounts)
  • We  accept Cash or Checks
  • Any remaining balance or charges must be paid-in-full by Monday of  the last week of the classroom instruction.

(Students will not receive the Permit Application until classroom fees are paid  in full.)

Classes taken at other facilities

  • If you took the Classroom portion somewhere else and have not received  your Behind-the-Wheel instruction, the tuition fee is $240. 
  • The driving  instruction is set in a 90-minute time frame, followed by 90-minutes of in-car observation. This Behind-the-Wheel instruction is Six (6) hours  of Behind-the-Wheel and Six (6) hours of in-car observation makes up the total of twelve (12) hours required by the Secretary of State. 
  • If you just  need a re-fresher course in Behind-the-Wheel instruction the tuition fee is $60 per hour.

Additional Charges

A $50 fee will be charged for the following with no exceptions: 

  • Failure to present Permit at the time of a Behind-the-Wheel session.
  • Failure to give a 48-hour Cancellation Notice for a scheduled Behind-the-Wheel session.
  • Failure to pay any outstanding balance or charges.
  • Any vandalism or damage caused to All  Four Wheels property or materials by any student will be replaced/purchased at cost/labor value by student and parent.


We accept Cash or Checks

  • There will be a $30 service charge on all  returned checks.
  • Prices and terms are subject to change without  notice.